Booking In and Race Number allocation


For this season, you have three choices for the battery rules you choose to abide by (see here for details).
If you choose to use a limiter, you will need to go to race control at the first meeting you attend in order to have it programmed with the correct settings, which are:-
Ramp Down Time = 5 secs
Dead Time = 60 secs
Energy Level 1 (mini classes) = 20 WattHr(1200 WattMin)
Energy Level 2 (M1/H1 classes) = 54 WattHr(3240 WattMin)
Energy Level 3 (M2/H2 classes) = 108 WattHr(6480 WattMin)

The limiter must be connected as follows:-
1) It must be wired so that the limiter remains powered even when the kill switch is removed.
2) The throttle signal wire from the receiver must connect to the limiter signal input.
3) The signal output from the limiter must connect to the ESC input.

No1 in each class is reserved for the previous years champion if they choose to defend their titles.

Timing will be by MyLaps RC4 and so you will need to use a compatible transponder (ie. RC4 Pure or Hybrid). Transponders will be available for hire at the event if you donít have your own.

To book your entry, please send an email stating the classes in which you wish to enter by clicking below.

Note: The link above will not work if you use a web based email client. If this applies to you, send the information to (


NADs 2018 Race Entries


2 James Hobbs(J)
3 Barry Fatt
4 Bailey Wardle(J)
5 Ian Williams
6 Paul Upton-Taylor
7 John Penton
1 Martin Marriott
2 Chris Hobbs
3 David Harvey
2 Barry Fatt
3 David Harvey
4 George McDonald
5 Martin Harvey
6 Paul Upton-Taylor
Mini Hydro
1 Tom Watson
2 Tim Watson
3 Martin Marriott
4 Barry Fatt
5 David Harvey
6 Martin Harvey
7 Luke Burton
8 Paul Upton-Taylor
Mini Mono
1 Tom Watson
2 Tim Watson
3 James Hobbs(J)
4 Bailey Wardle(J)
5 Tim Gregg
6 Sam Gregg(J)
7 John Croyden
8 Luke Burton
9 Martin Harvey
10 Ian Williams
11 John Penton
1 Tom Watson
2 Tim Watson
3 Bailey Wardle(J)
4 Martin Marriott
5 John Croyden
6 Paul Heaton
7 George McDonald
8 Steven Bennet
9 Luke Burton
10 Pete Barrow
11 Dale Marriott
12 Andrew Fuller
1 Paul Heaton
2 Chris Hobbs
3 John Croyden
4 George McDonald
5 Luke Burton
6 Dale Marriott
7 Andrew Fuller


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